Sarasota in-home computer repair and support

Many homes have more than one computer, printer, and tablet in them. All of these devices are usually networked and connected at all times. From time to time, one or more of these devices can malfunction and it can be time consuming and difficult to take them into a computer repair shop. Also, if your device is having trouble connecting to your network and not receiving an internet signal it is beneficial to take advantage of our home computer services. It can be very daunting to unplug all of a desktop computer’s cables and remembering where they all go. We can take that process out of the equation with an in home visit.

If you are having troubling connecting to the internet. It can be very frustrating to spend considerable time on hold only to be told by your internet service provider that nothing is wrong on their end. Or if you purchase a new wireless printer with an advertised “easy setup” and it turns out that it is not that easy. Also you may want to share files between members of the family (ie: a budget spreadsheet or cooking recipes).

We can do many things such as virus removal, file sharing setup, new computer setup, printer installation and more. Our technicians are very qualified in helping you with all of your computer problems without you having to disconnect or carry anything.